Bioinformatics Program
Course Overview:
  • In this course students learn the most important bioinformatics algorithms through simple computer programs written and run locally in the computer lab.
  • The use of these algorithms to extract information from global databases will be practiced using web servers around the world.
  • The study of bioinformatics is raising tough questions on how genomic sequence information is used in our society.
  • This course is designed to be taken early in a biological science curriculum.
  • The students would become competent as per industry demand by the project work experience opening new job avenues.
  • To provide an environment to develop capabilities building Bioinformaticians.

Course Benefits:
  • Learn new techniques related to technology and science.
  • Deeply explained each and every topic briefly.
  • Guidance of qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Good research work could be considered for the publication in our journal.
  • Study material will be provided.
  • Approved certificate will be provided.
Program: (Duration: 15 days, 21 days, 1 month, 45 days and 2 months)
1)     Short term training program

Rapture Biotech, Noida organizes Summer Training Program each year to enhance practical as well as theoretical knowledge. This Program is designed for all the students, scholars who wish to understand the basics of computational biology and various domains. The Program is designed so as to create basic level of expertise in bioinformatics so that the candidate can answer the demands of the bioinformatician.

        Courses :-

Basic of Bioinformatics, Cancer Drug Discovery, Data and Text Mining, Pair Wise Sequence Alignment BLAST/ FASTA, Multiple Sequence Alignment, Identification of Conserved Elements, Basic Project etc.

2)     Bioinformatics project training program:- (1 month-1 year)

This Program is designed for all the students, scholars who wish to experience Practical & Theoritical knowledge advanced aspects of Biotechnology, bioinformatics and various other domains linked to computational biology.This Job oriented dissertation/internship program aims to provide a conceptual aspect to the field of bioinformatics as per the current and future requirement of biotech sector.

        Courses :-
  • Clinical Research and Clinical Trials on Breast Cancer.
  • Drug Designing, Phylogenetic Analysis.
  • DNA Microarray and Probe Designing for Sickle Cell Anemia.
  • Database Development and In Silico Drug Designing for Swine Flu.
  • Neurogeneious: Genomic Database and Analytical tool for Neurodegerative Disease in Homo sapiens.
  • Genome Analysis & Probe Designing for Colorectal Cancer.
  • Genome Analysis P53 Gene in mammals.
  • Biomedical Analysis for Some Human Diseases.
  • Database Development on Medicinal Plant used to Treat Communicable Diseases.
  • Microarray and Genome Analysis of Neurodegenerative Diseases in Homo Sapiens: A Bioinformatics Approach
  • To Explore a Number of Data Minig Tools for the Analysis of Inborn Errors in Amino Acid Metabolism.
  • Clinical Research, Clinical Trials and its Regulatory Affairs.
  • In silico Microarray Analysis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy……….and many more
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