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Rapture Biotech is a bioservices company which provides services and training in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Industrial Microbiology, Plant Tissue culture, Computational Biology, Chemo-informatics, Agro-informatics
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Students feedback:-

I did summer training (short term program) and my topic was herbal drug formulation. The company gave me flexible option of training and studying at the same time. The fee was reasonable. The campus was simply fabulous and faculty was very supportive & appreciable. Thank you Rapture Biotech.
Siddhart Shorot
Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Noida
Course: 30 days summer training, 2015


I have selected 45 days summer training program and my topic was Genetic engineering (advance camp). The faculty of Rapture biotech is not only experts but also warm, inspiring students. I would like to recommend Rapture Biotech to anyone who wants to persue his/her career in biotechnology field.
Shikha Singh
Aadhunik Institute of Education & Research
Course: 45 days summer training, 2015


I did my 6 months project on the topic plant tissue culture. The environment of the organization was very enjoyable. The best part of my training was that I learned various technical skills which one should have.
Sweety Sachan
Banasthali University, Rajasthan
Course: 6 months project, 2016


I did my 2 months dissertation on the topic” Production, quantitative, comparative analysis of citric acid by Aspergillus niger from different food wastes as a substrate”. Faculty was awesome. They allowed me to do work independently in my ways and ideas was the bestest part of my project work. I would like to do future experimental works from Rapture Biotech again.
Anushree Varshney
Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Noida
Course: 2 months dissertation


I did my 6 months dissertation on the topic production of transgenic plant. I am very glad to have supportive faculty who help me throughout the project. The plus point of my training was that I develop my technical skills. Thanks a lot Rapture Biotech.
Anzar Alam
MATS, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Course: 6 months project, 2016


It was wonderful experience working with RAPTURE BIOTECH. I wish them good luck for their future.
Mr. Mithlesh Tripathi
Pentair Water India Pvt Ltd.
Corporate training program


I did my 3 months training on Pharmaceutical Quality Control & Quality Assurance. I have learnt a lot and develop my skills too. Faculty was talented and supportive. I was really that which I dreamed about.
Tausif Khan
SGRRITS, Dehradun
Course: 3 months training


I did my 4 months project and I opted the topic Probiotics (production of health drink). I found that the techniques and methods I have learnt here is a cutting edge for my future. I would like to suggests students to get trained @ Rapture, it played a vital role in my success.
Namrata Singh
Magalayatan University, Aligarh
Course: 4 months project


I did 15 days (short term) training from Rapture Biotech and I opted the topic Herbal Drug Formulation. I enjoyed my training a lot with knowledgeable faculty. I would personally suggest Rapture Biotech to students.
Disha Jain
Deshbandhu College
Course: Short term training program


I did my 45 days summer training (advanced techniques) from RAPTURE BIOTECH. I belong from Tibet. Teachers of institute focus on hands on work on the project individually. They clear all the topics in a cushy way. I will personally advise Rapture Biotech to those who want to capture their life in field of biotechnology.
Vezo Nyekha
Tibet, International Training Program


“My project topic is “Qualitative & quantative analysis of Bioproducts from food waste”, this program has given me the tools that are vital in industry. Coming into the program I had learned basic as well as advance techniques used in biotechnology.”

 Divya Chopra
  IIS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  Course: Job Oriented Project Training Program, 2014


“ After Completion of my  Program, The core courses exposed me to a variety of areas associated with modern biotechnology, providing me hands-on experience with techniques and instrumentation.. I personally suggest biotech students to join Rapture Biotech.”

Hemraj singh
 IFTM University, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh 
 Course: Summer Training Program 2014


After completion of my dissertation, I knew that, Throughout my college experience I thrived in laboratory-related courses, and this led me to further develop my technical skills..Enrolling in the program was the best decision I ever made. The courses were challenging and I learned new in-depth technical skills.
These skills make troubleshooting in the laboratory possible, and it was this particular aspect of the training that gave me an edge over my competition for positions in industry. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to pursue a career in any aspect of biotechnology.

Amit Diwedi
SRM UNIVERSITY, Guduvancheri, Tamil Nadu
Course:  Project Training Program, 2013


“I did my  Biotech Job Training Program from Rapture Biotech, initially I have  only theoretical knowledge in biotechnology subjects not practical. But when I search for biotech job training program, I found Rapture Biotech- Job training programs at Noida. They organize job oriented training program along with project training. I enroll for three month training program in biotechnology. I learned basics of Food Technology, Enzyme production & Molecular biology…and many more I want to thanks, employee of this organization who helps me to gain too much of practical knowledge. Based on my this program I confirm for job, still I am doing job in Food Processing Company with good salary pacakage.  I am thankful Rapture Biotech and wish extremely best future for organization. "

Mradul Sharma
 IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad
Course: Job Training Program,2013


Completed my Distance Learning Program from Rapture Biotech, I appreciate the study materials because it was a blend of both simplicity and authenticity covering every nook and corner pertaining to my specialization. Thanks to Rapture Biotech to learn me a lot.

Nitin Wagh  
Course: Distance Learning Program, 2014

I don’t know how to make right use of word if I need to express my deep gratitude towards rapture Biotech Company. I am feeling lucky that I came to rapture family.Moreover this is the place where I learn how to think out of the box & intellectual.
I thanks them for their magnificent effort & their supportive nature towards all trainees throughout training duration.
Now when I analyze myself I found a drastic change within me. Today I dream big because now I dare to think big .I thanks rapture biotech, that is the main reason behind this positive change, I owe a lot to you

Shaoulin M,
St. Joseph's College, Jakhama, Nagaland
Course:  Summer Training Program


This is the best company I have ever come across & much better than any other institute. The training faculty is very cooperative and experienced in their field & provides knowledge in a wide manner.
I will like to conclude that the hand on training provided in Rapture Biotech is very expertise & focused towards future prospectus .thanks a lot to rapture biotech.

Piyush Jha
Manglayatan University, Aligarh
Course:  Winter Training Program, 2011


I am extremely happy & proud to say that I had join Rapture biotech project training program. They don’t limits in demonstration; they focus on hands on work on the project individually.
They have well equipped laboratory and very helpful and talented teachers who help me every time whenever I am in difficulty & successfully compiled my project in time. I am proud to say that rapture biotech proved key to success in my life. Thanks to you rapture.

Juhi Sharma, MTech  Biotech
 Jaipur National University, Jaipur
Course: Project Training Program, 2011

I have done my project from RAPTURE BIOTECH, this really renovate my life. In my opinion the methods opted by rapture biotech in teaching & their study material are up to mark .firstly they clear the concepts theoretically & then make it permanent in mind by hands on practical.
I like their module, as it is very different as compared with others, the module is clearly designed so as to provide wide knowledge in each & every major field. Rapture biotech provides good opportunity for future & advice you personally if you want it to capture, then you must join rapture.

Sambhav sharma  
Amity institute of biotechnology, Noida
Course: Job Oriented Project Training, 2012

I have done basic one month training from rapture biotech. I am an average student & to be very honest very careless also before I joined rapture. The environment of rapture is full of zeal, passion & very energetic, now I can easily differentiate in this one month duration that the training I done from rapture biotech is much more than I had done in my college. Overall now I find myself more than an average & much more responsible. Thanks to rapture biotech.

Raushan Kumar , B.Sc Biotech
 Course: Advance month Training, 2011



After successfully accomplish my training program I can conclude that rapture biotech is the best, I found that the techniques & methods I have learnt here is a cutting edge for my future .I would like to suggests students to get trained @ Rapture, After joining you will definitely come to know that this will be your X factor & will plays a vital role in your success. Overall had a great experience at rapture biotech.

Shikha singh,
GLA, Mathura
Course: Basic Training Program,2012



The four month “CERTIFICATION COURSE IN ADVANCED CANCER DRUG DISCOVERY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY” was a great experience. The training at Rapture Biotech sufficiently covered all the necessary technologies and materials required to face the interview panels & a knowledge essential to be well absorbed in a company. Thank you rapture biotech  

Pushpendra kr. Mudgal,
 Manglayatan University, Aligarh
Course: Advance Certificate Course,2013


I have done my one month Summer Training Program in Advanced Camp held in Rapture Biotech Group, Noida. I found that each aspect of the training program is up to the mark. They provide hands on trainings on various domains that sets over the mind very effectively and which is efficient also. The staff and faculty members are really very cooperative and talented. The techniques and methods I have learnt here are beneficial for my future. Above all I have great experience at Rapture Biotech Group.

Kushal Maheswari,
S.D. College, Muzaffnagar
Course: Summer Training Program,2013


I have completed my 3 months Project Training at Rapture Biotech. The quality education that I experienced here is awesome. The discipline in the environment is well maintained. The teaching staff is highly educated and well behaved. I found a pool of knowledge that helps me to enhance my knowledge

Shoolini University, Shimla
Course: Project Training Program,2014


I felt a deep gratitude towards the Rapture Biotech Group which helps me in recreation of my mind. Previously I don’t have any interest regarding studies but now I find study quite interesting. In most of my spare time I involved myself in exploring new things in various domains of biotechnology. This happens after when I have joined this Group. Thanks to Rapture Biotech.

NIT, Raipur
Course: Winter Training Program,2014


After successfully accomplishing my training program, I experienced great and proud to be trained here. Here we provided with the knowledge on various new technologies and discoveries and hands on training on several techniques of biotechnology. The teachers are great and are very dedicated towards their job. They compile each and every topic within time with their full quality. Thank you Rapture Biotech.

VIT, Vellor
Course: Project Training Program,2013


I have completed my 3 months internship program and got placement here. The knowledge I found here is finest to its extent that helped me a lot to improve my interpersonal skills, confidence, working potentials, and caliber. They helped me to recreate my enthusiasm to its fullest. I proud to be one of the part of this group. Thank you.

Akhilesh Kumar,
 Bhagwant University, Rajasthan
Course: Project Internship Program,2012


I have done my one month summer training 2014 on advanced molecular biology; I did hands on training and learned a lot. I am highly thankful to Rapture Group for their eternal support and guidelines during lab practical and they always peruse my queries regarding different field of biotechnology.

SHIATS, Allahabad 2011 Batch
Course: Summer Training Program


I did 3 months project in 2013 on drug designing from Rapture Biotech, its amazing platform to explore ourselves in the field of biotech especially in bioinformatics platform.  Especially their module is humdinger. Skeighly I state that I did my project from Rapture Biotech.

Zara Hasan,
Amity University, Lucknow
Course: Project Traning Program,2013


After completing my project on Advanced Computational biology, I was about face under the guidance of veterans and mentors of Rapture Biotech. I really can amore this training session of 2013. It’s just like serendipity for me.

Sanya Kapoor,
Manipal University, Sikkim
Course: Advance Computational Biology,2013


I was on the stage of ambiguity about future aspect of biotechnology but when I was in college after completing my degree I came to rapture biotech for six months advanced project in 2013 on pharmacogenomics. Then after I came to know the real approaches of bioinformatics in biotechnology. For that I am very thanking to Rapture Group.

Rajat singh,
 Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
Course: Job Oriented Project Training Program, 2014


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