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Rapture Biotech is a bioservices company which provides services and training in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Industrial Microbiology, Plant Tissue culture, Computational Biology, Chemo-informatics, Agro-informatics
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The Indian pharmaceuticals market is third largest in terms of volume and thirteen largest in terms of value, as per a pharmaceuticals sector analysis report by equity master. The country also has a huge pool of scientists and engineers who have the potential to take the industry to a very high level. The market has since grown at a CAGR of nearly 30% during 2007-2012. The revenue CAGR from 2009-2012 has been 12.4%, and is expected to increase to 14-17% between 2012-2016. There are many pharmaceutical career paths and program available to you in many locations across the globe. As one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, ours is a history of breakthroughs in medicine that have made life better for millions. Rapture Biotech offers students the possibility to gain experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • There will always be a need for pharmaceuticals, and the industry has been expanding worldwide.
  • Industry experts predict the cost cutting will continue, meaning that non-essential administrative and sales positions in the industry may be harder to come by.
  • In terms of sales positions, recent growth has resulted in increased competition. The problem seems to be that too many sales reps are competing for physicians' attention.
  • Job requirements for science positions have become more stringent as well due to higher numbers of applicants. While a graduate degree isn't required to land a job, it allows greater flexibility in the job market.
  • Another industry trend is the move toward using the Internet and other technologies to provide interactive marketing and direct-to-patient education. Consequently, people with Internet marketing experience may find extended opportunities in Big Pharma.

Career Tracks:

  • Research Positions
  • Lab Technicians
  • Research Scientists
  • Clinical Research Physician
  • Medical Science Liaision
  • Process engineer
  • Quality control analyst
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Market research analyst
  • Product managers
  • Sales representatives
  • Business development manager

Program: (Duration: 15 days, 21 days, 1 month, 45 days and 2 months)

1) Short Term Training Program:

Rapture Biotech, Noida organizes Summer/ Winter Training Program each year to enhance hands on practical knowledge of pharma students. This Program is designed for all the students, scholars who wish to understand the basics of pharmaceuticals and various domains. The Program is designed so as to create basic level of expertise in Pharma domain so that the candidate can answer the demands of the pharma industry focusing.


Human anatomy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacogenomics, Physical Pharmacy, Pharma microbiology, Hospital pharmacy, Pharmacology, QC/QA, Pharmacogenomics, Clinical Pharamacy, Pharamaceutical Analysis, Herbal Drug Techniques, Dosage form design, Drug formulation, Drug Designing, and many more…..

15 days 3000/-/-
21 days 4,500/-/-
1 month 6,000/-/-
45 days 7,500/-
2 months 10,000/-

2) Project Training Program: (Duration:1 month-1 year)

  • Rapture Biotech each year organize Biotechnology Job oriented training programs for pharma students for recruitment and to provide industrial exposure to
  • trainees. This Program is especially designed for Final year students, scholars who wish to understand the advanced aspects of Pharmaceutical industry. The job internship program aims to provide conceptual aspect along insights of Bioservices sector. The purpose of this program is to recruit the talent at Different Pharma Companies. We will provide a strategic development plan for each pharmaceutical product or medical device.
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1 MONTH 6000/. -----
2 MONTH 10,000/- 5300/- p.m.
3 MONTHS 11,500/- 4033/- p.m.
4 MONTHS 14,500/- 3825/- p.m.
6 MONTHS 18,500/- 3083/- p.m.
8 MONTHS 20,000/- 2650/- p.m.
1 YEAR 35,000/- 3066/- p.m.

3) Distance Learning Program: Duration (1 month, 3 month,6 month,1 year)

The pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device research and development industries are among the most highly regulated industries globally. To decipher a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of development and commercialization of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device products. To provide students with a global knowledge of biopharma industry. Introduce students to Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical trials design and management, Drug regulatory affairs, Risk management, regulation and their application in the Biopharmaceutical Industries. To be aware of the latest trends in good manufacturing, laboratory and validation practices.


Biopharmaceutical sciences and Industrial Applications, Pharmaceutical packaging and package testing, Biopharma IT/IS compliance and Qualifications, Understanding cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) performed in the industry, Good Lab Practices, validation systems, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) & Drug Product Specifications, Clinical Trials Design and Management, Pharmaco-vigilance, Risk Management and Regulations, Vaccine Production…and many more

1 month 3500/-
3 month 5500/-
6 month 8500/-
1 year 12,500/-

4) Advance MR Pharma Program:

The word MR is stand for Medical representative. Almost each and every Pharma companies require some professionals who are expert in communication skill and marketing strategies. People with gibberish nature have no space in this field. Market value is high so existing in market is very difficult and essential. MR is very bedazzling part of the industries as he is sensibly responsible for existence of industry in market. Starting of career is struggling but later he/she can engage to higher posts in ascending order like area Sales Manager, District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Zonal Sales Manager, Sales Manager etc. Growth of individual is depends on individual performance.

1 month 4000/-
3 month 15,000/-


  • Students who completed 10+2, D.Pharma/B.pharma/M.Pharma (Normally any graduate student can apply)


  • Step 1 - Download & print registration form
  • Step 2 - Completely fill registration form & a demand draft of course fees (in favour of Rapture Biotech Payable at Noida).
  • Step 3 - Send it to " Rapture Biotech, D-201, Sector - 10, Noida -201301 Uttar Pradesh".
  • OR You can also apply online, submit registration fee at your nearest SBI Bank branch in favor of "Rapture Biotech" Account no. -32990283946, (Branch- Sector-11, Noida) IFSC Code:- SBIN0012985

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