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Rapture Biotech is a bioservices company which provides services and training in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Industrial Microbiology, Plant Tissue culture, Computational Biology, Chemo-informatics, Agro-informatics
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Program Introduction

The pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device research and development industries are among the most highly regulated industries globally. As pharmaceutical sector is growing rapidly, there is a need of trained professionals to cater the current needs of industries for the global competition. Any pharmaceutical company to progress has to lead the company through the complex environment and need to understand the profound strategic implications of these changes i.e. to visualize them across the key functions of the business: discovery, marketing, finance, and business development. To cope up with the changing scenario pharma industry requires the professionals trained in the particular field like pharma business management, regulatory affairs, clinical trials and safety & risk management with the aim of training and updating the knowledge with changing regulation of pharma professionals.

Rapture Biotech is providing Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Professionals with High Quality Training, Literature, and Certification Programs as mentioned below.

Program Objectives

  • To decipher a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of development and commercialization of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device products.
  • To provide students with a global knowledge of biopharma industry.
  • Introduce students to Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical trials design and management, Drug regulatory affairs, Risk management, regulation and their application in the Biopharmaceutical Industries.
  • To be aware of the latest trends in good manufacturing, laboratory and validation practices.
  • To help the students to know the needs of the pharma and biotech industry and enhances their career prospects.

Program Benefits

  • Science Skills Development : for the logical thinking on the research projects.
  • Acquiring Latest Knowledge : participants are updated with latest trends in the industry like quality assurance and quality control, pharmacovigilance etc.
  • Career trends : helps the participants in early identification of career trends with higher salary packages.
  • Different Programs : as per Individual Needs.
  • Complete Study Material in Print : covering all the aspects of pharma is provided to the candidate.


Candidates who are pursuing or passed out a B.Sc. / M.Sc./ B-Tech/ M-Tech in Pharma, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and other life sciences fields in the respective areas, are eligible.

Job Prospects

According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, healthcare sector in India grew from 4% of average household income in 1995 to 7% in 2005, and is expected to grow to 13% by 2025. According to the same report, if the Indian economy continues on its current high growth path, then the Indian pharmaceuticals market will undergo a major change in the next decade. It is expected that the market will triple to US$ 20 billion by 2015 and can easily become one of the world's top-10 pharmaceuticals markets.

The job opportunities are excellent in the areas of drug design and patenting, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and quality operations in pharmaceutical, biotech, veterinary, cosmetic, food and medical devices, Contract Research Organisations and government. These professionals will find employment as :

  • Pharmacovigilance Manager
  • Drug Safety Specialist
  • Drug Safety Associate
  • Medical Writer
  • Regulatory Affairs Associates
  • Regulatory Affairs Assistants
  • Quality Assurance Associates
  • Quality Assurance Investigators
  • Documentation Officers and Medical Information Associates
  • Drug Inspectors
  • Drug Controllers
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultants for Pharma / Biotechnology Industry
  • Food Safety Scientist, etc. and MANY MORE……

Programs offered

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